Welcome Back (or: The Importance of Backups)

In June this year, our server went down. No problem. It gets overloaded occasionally, and kicking Apache would usually get things going again. So, I logged onto the server and realized that the problem was bigger than I thought. Something had happened to the server (I’m still not sure what), and the database was corrupted.

So, my blog database was lost…

…as well as the database for my wife’s 3d graphics business…

…and my SVN repository…

…and the last backup was 3 years old.


Backup. Yesterday. Do it Now!

Fortunately, we had local copies of the code for all of our projects, so the “only” thing we lost was 3 years worth of customer data. The website was back up and running in a few days, and we now have a weekly backup routine for the website.

Welcome Back!

This blog got put on the back burner for a while, but I finally found the time to get everything re-uploaded. I have some interesting projects I’m working on now, so hopefully, I’ll have more updates in the near future.

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