The Insanitizer

There are times when simple text does not adequately convey the horror of a certain situtation. Whether it is describing a terrible monstrosity eating someone’s very soul, an indescribable cosmic horror, or bad programming techniques, you sometimes need that extra something to boost your writing from very good to PURE AWESOME!!1

T͒he̷̳͐͊҉ ͥI͖ͣ͑ͬn̩̠san̪͛itĩ̟͞z͙e̲̔͛͜r̪̖ͧ̏ͫ̚

The Insanitizer is a text-generator that can add garbage characters and random formatting to any text. It has multiple parameters to customize the appearance of the final text.

Use Garbage / Use Formatting
These parameters determine what will be added to the final text. You can add either or both.
Garbage Amount / Formatting Amount
These parameters control the amount of the effect in the final text. The higher the number, the larger the effect.
Format Length
This determines the average length of the formatting blocks
This parameter changes the density of the effect according to the position in the text. A value of 1.0 distributes the effect uniformly in the text. Numbers higher than 1.0 start with a larger effect near the beginning of the text that fades out towards the end. Numbers between 0.0 and 1.0 do the opposite, with a larger effect near the end of the text.

Try it out!

Note that in order for you to use the generated text on a webpage, the website needs to be setup to correctly handle the UTF-8 character set. If the website isn’t setup correctly, any insanitized text will not be displayed correctly. Also, in order to copy the formatting from your generated text, you will have to select the text generated below, and view the HTML source for it.

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