Minecraft to Max Converter

The beta version of the Minecraft to Wavefront Object converter is now available! It has a bare-bones user interface and the ability to choose your world folder and save location. It will output a single Wavefront OBJ file that can be imported into any 3D modeling program that supports that format (which is most of them).


  • Moving water and lava are currently rendered as normal sized blocks. I still need to add in the ability to vary the height of the water based on the block’s attributes.
  • There is no status indicator. The interface simply locks up until the conversion is finished. Be patient. :)
  • Limited custom geometry, although the definitions are in the default config file. Feel free to make your own versions! Instructions are in the Read Me file.

If you find this useful, then please help support future utilities!

Creative Commons License
This utility is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Beta 1.3 Changelog

  • Updated world loader to support the McRegion file format for MC 1.3
  • Added new block ids to block definition file.
  • Fixed bug in custom object loader that loaded all objects rather than just the correct one.
  • Added bare-bones fence and torch objects.

Beta 1.2.1 Changelog:

  • Now with debug logging!

5 thoughts on “Minecraft to Max Converter

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    • I haven’t had any time to update it recently. It was last updated to support Alpha 1.3. It probably won’t work on the most recent version due to the new file format in version 1.2.1.

      • Whenever you could get this updated for the most recent version, that would be excellent.. Also, whenever i import one of these into 3DS max, it says all the materials are missing. I made my own material files for them. Any idea where i should put them?

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